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Tech-info - info

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Technical info

LDV picture

Here  you can find comprehensive technical information and parameters common to all versions of the convoy vehicles :  engines, chassis, axles, brakes, suspension, steering,  gearbox, clutch and other units.

Information applies to all types of LDV CONVOY since production:
  Body  Convoy production since 1996
  Engine  FSD425 1997
  transmission  from 1996 MT75
For details of older vehicles, please contact technicals on tel: +420 377 537747


4 HB

4 EB


diesel, naturally aspirated

diesel, turbocharged

 Cylinder block

4-cylinder, in-line, OHV, longitudinally placed

4-cylinder, in-line, OHV, longitudinally placed


2496 ccm

2496 ccm


90.5 mm

90.5 mm


93.7 mm

93.7 mm


55.9 kW (76.0 PS) @ 4000 ot/min

73.6 kW (100.1 PS) @ 4000 ot/min


168 Nm @ 2500 ot/min

226 Nm @ 2100 ot/min

 Compression ratio



 Injection pump


CAV - Lucas (EPIC)

 Oil-filling volume

7,6 l

7,6 l

 Type of injection



 Air cleaner

replaceable paper element

replaceable paper element




 Coolant volume

antifreeze 11,6 l

antifreeze 11,6 l

Fuel consumption  at a speed of 86 km / h   and the total weight of 2850 kg is 10.2 l / 100km, high speed transfer. 4.90:1 rear axle ratio is:
- SINGLE (205x14)

  with the engine 4HB 4050ot/min at 126 km / h, with the engine 4EB 4500ot/min at 140 km / h
- Twin (185x14) 

  with the engine 4HB 4050ot/min at 116 km / h, with the engine 4EB 4500ot/min at 129 km / h


Single, dry with diaphragm, controlled by cable. Plates with a diameter of 235 mm with asbestos free, self-adjusting


MT-75, five-speed mechanical, fully synchronized, oil content of 1.8 l

 Gear ratios

first gear - 4,17:1; second gear- 2,24:1; third gear- 1,47:1; forth gear- 1,00:1; fifth gear - 0,82:1; reverse - 3,76:1

 Input shaft

SAE, 4 bolts RHS

 Front axle

Solid forged I-beam "I" carrying capacity in 1375, 1500, or 1600 kg. Wheels with six screws

 Rear axle

Tough, fully floating, gear ratios 4,45:1, 4,90:1 or 5,22:1, capacity 1850, 2060, 2600 or 3100 kg


Hydraulic, dual circuit with vacuum booster, anti-corrosion pipe coating. Front wheel diameter 276 mm, axles with 1500 and 1500 kg capacity with dual internal cooling, rear drum with a diameter of 254 mm.Mechanical parking brake, the action of the rear wheels

 Suspension - 
 front axle 
 rear axle

Single or double leaf spring, double acting fluid tllumiče, transverse torsion stabilizer: A simple leaf springs, double acting fluid tllumiče, transverse torsion stabilizer:


With the booster, with a recirculating ball screw with a variable ratio 20,55:1 - 28,20:1


Pneumatiky 8 PR RADIAL 205x14  (jednomontáž) nebo 185 x 14 (dvoumontáž) , disky 5J / 5.8 PR Radial Tires 205x14 (single) or 185 x 14 (Twin) drives 5J / 5.5J x 14 Pressed Steel

 Electrical system

12 V, negative earth system


Capacity 66 Ah


Current 95 A


Halogen, electrically adjustable headlights, integrated fog lights rear

 Fuel System

Closed, tank capacity 65 l, 120 l optional

 Body -
 External adjustment 

Steel, welded steel construction, ladder frame. Active protection against corrosion by sedmistupňového, elektrostického primer. Cavities are protected preservative wax. Plastic bumpers are three-piece, impact-resistant to 25 km / h. The chassis, body parts (doors, fenders, etc.) are galvanized. Surface electrostatic applying acrylic paint.

 Body -
 Interial adjustment 

The driver's seat is ergonomically shaped, adjustable passenger dvojsedadlo the standard for delivery Van L / S Van, also at 3-digit chassis cab, chassis with the CC 7-seater cabin and VanCombi four more seats in the second row. All seats are equipped with head restraints and three-point seat belts, upholstery fabrics are resistant to abrasion. All controls in the cabin is conveniently located within easy reach and view of the driver, two-speed wipers plus a six-speed cycler with a windscreen washer. The car has a built-in antenna and speakers with cables / connectors ready for radio installation kit, cup holder, large door pockets, box for storing items, cigarette lighter, digital clock. The windscreen is laminated, with two sunglare filters.

Specifications are applicable at the time of manufacture of this page. In the spirit of our philosophy LDV cars are constantly improving, we reserve the right to change without prior notice. This page is continuously updated.

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